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Why Choose Columbia Tub & Sink for Bathtub Reglaze?

The bathtub is often the focal point of the bathroom, and if it looks old and run-down, the rest of the bathroom will do the same. The Columbia Tub and Sink Pros repair bathtubs in a process that make the surface of the bathtub look shiny, clean and brand new. Contact us at (803)756-3116 if you are planning to repair your bathroom, or contact us for more information about our services. 

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The surface of the bath often has chips, holes and cracks, and these areas are repaired before the reglazing stage happens. The surface is then meticulously sanded smooth. Before we start repairing the bath, we cover the entire bathroom to protect the floor and walls. Next, the reglazing primer is applied to the surface, applied in three layers, which seals the surface edges and then we apply a three-layer layer reglazing solution. In just 12 hours, your bathtub will have a beautiful, shiny finish that you can use and enjoy for many years to come.  Instead of scrapping the tub and installing a new one, you can have your existing tub restored and redesigned at a fraction of the cost. Below is a list of reasons why more customers are choosing to fit a bathtub in their bathroom rather than buying new ones. Both options deliver similar results, and the price is very affordable, so refinishing the existing tub is the best option to revitalize your tub for a more modern, clean and high class look. 

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