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Bathtub Repair by Columbia Tub & Sink Pros

Columbia Tub & Sink employs certified and qualified technicians who implement the latest methods and techniques in the industry for bathtub repair in Columbia. We ensure that our customers experience superior performance and reliability by using the latest bathroom color schemes. Therefore, we strive to adapt our company to the constantly changing needs of our customers. Our goal is to make bathtub repair service one of the most sought after and reliable services in the industry. It’s important to us that we offer our customers great customer service and speed and efficiency. We also offer exceptional bathtub repair services to surrounding areas such as Lexington, Red Bank, Newberry, etc. 

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Columbia Tub & Sink Bathtub Repair Specialists

The first step is to use our specially formulated two-step cleaning process, which uses a combination of water, soap and a special cleaning solution to remove all harmful chemicals, oils, and other impurities, allowing the tub to be thoroughly cleaned. Next, our team carefully identifies and fills any nicks, indentations, chips, or cracks. Lastly, our highly qualified specialists apply a state-of-the-art permanent glaze coating with many fine spray coats. After the tub has been completely cleaned and repaired, we apply our own binders to ensure a smooth surface without chips, cracks or scratches. The final products is a gorgeous, smooth, glossy surface that looks brand new.

Columbia Tub & Sink Pros Bathtub Repair

We provide a deep gloss, smooth the surface and it will maintain it for many years to come. After these treatments, we inspect it to verify its smoothness and durability. Reglazing provides a durable, strong, and beautiful finish that will last. It’s a great alternative to replacement when you have an antique clawfoot tub, or other high end fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship at an affordable price, but not all tub finishers are the same. Our own process is the reason why you will not be able to see the difference between the surface of your tub and the finished product of other brands. When your bath is finished by the bath professionals, the life of the bath can be extended by 12 – 15 years or more.

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It could easily cost you a few thousand dollars to remove and replace your old bathtub, shower curtain and other items in your bathroom. Call us today and we’ll save you thousands of dollars on a bathroom overhaul and you can save up to 75% on replacement costs.

We are certified and have 15 years of experience in restoration. As a leading supplier of bathtub repair in Columbia, we stand out for professionalism and first-class customer service. We believe in professional service with the utmost ingenuity and our passion drives us to increase efficiency and lower prices with proven systems and technological advances.

We believe that every customer deserves to be treated as a priority and we help to build lasting relationships with our customers and become their preferred service provider. Columbia Tub & Sink offers repair and reglaze for bathtubs, sinks, counter tops, tiles, and more. 

We are well equipped for any repair to your bath, tile or shower, even the most difficult. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most cost-effective repair services for residential and commercial property owners. Effective bath repair services requires expertise and experience. This commitment is backed up with a satisfaction guarantee and we are ready to exceed your expectations for your next project. If you are not satisfied, we will not be satisfied until you are satisfied, so give us a call to get started with a free consultation today!

If you have any further questions or would like to plan a free consultation, please contact us. As it stands, the company has been around for a quarter of a century and is still one of the best interior design and restoration specialists in the area. The flooring has breathed new life into many of home owners bathrooms, and customers love the result! To get more information about the various services we provide, fill out a contact form or call us today!

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